End of Users Satisfaction Survey (USS)

End of Users Satisfaction Survey (USS)

6th May 2017

The Users Satisfaction Survey which was started two weeks ago, ended Thursday 3rd May 2017.

This Survey implemented at different Governmental Organs, Non-Governmental Organizations, and some of United Nations Institutions, where authorities were about the use of statistical data that has been collected by Central Statistics Organization ( CSO) through Official Statistics and Surveys, also they were asked about their satisfaction of Surveys Results and use of data, at the meantime,  their suggestions and comments concerning the mentioned instances were acknowledged and taken into account.

During the interviews it was cleared that all Organizations and Institutions expressed satisfaction about Surveys Results and pointed the use of this data at design of plans and also emphasized that they cannot trust on the survey’s results implemented by some other Institutions because these surveys could not be transparent and non-partisan.

The Users Satisfaction Survey started on 15th April which was conducted by 3 individuals as supervisors and 10 as surveyors and could successfully implement the survey at all Nahias of Kabul city.

The mentioned Survey conducted following the former survey, which was implemented two years ago by CSO and its final result will be released after analysis.