Dissemination Ceremony of Statistical Yearbook 2016

Dissemination Ceremony of Statistical Yearbook 2016

Date: 9th May 2017

The Statistical Yearbook of 2016 released today morning through a ceremony which was participated by a number of Deputies, heads of plan departments of Ministries and Governmental Organizations and representatives from a number of International Institutions.

At the beginning HE. Shir Mohammad Jamizada, Acting President General of CSO in addition to welcome the participants spoke about manner of Administrative data gathering from Governmental Ministries, Organizations and Private Sector.

He said “the existence of accurate data is an urgent need for design of effective Plans and Policies for Afghanistan which is a developing Country”. He pointed the accurate data collection and its timely dissemination is a specific importance of statistical data, So CSO has been straggling to collect quality data at different fields and release its results rapidly and make available for data users.

The Acting President General of CSO pointed out the coordination among all Governmental Organs and their cooperation together with private sector due to timely submission of statistical data made us able to release the statistical Yearbook sooner than previous years that could be the cause of users satisfaction from this Organization.

He demonstrated the existence of Economic data at 2017 and pointed some improvements at Economic fields for example the exports of Afghanistan is 4.5 percent increased than 2015 while balance of imports shows within one billion Dollar decrease, meanwhile he was hopeful for economic development and mentioned that Afghanistan had 3.6 percent Economic growth in the mentioned year.

Afterward Mr. Ismael Rahimi, Professional Deputy, Ministry of Economy appreciated the timely dissemination of statistical Yearbook and pointed the basic changes at data quality. He mentioned some surveys have been implemented by CSO and described use of these data results very important toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Mr. Rahimi meanwhile mentioned data as a powerful instrument and a socio- economic reagent for a country, as his believes data existence will make us to understand our defects and weak points to find ways and prepare programs for the resolution.

Then Ms. Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafawi, Financial and Administrative Deputy, Ministry of Information and Culture spoke concerning data gathering process and transferring to the people through media and She stated that, “data gathering about several economic and social indicators is a hard work but CSO staff could gather with hard efforts and made prepare for dissemination” Mrs. Mustafawi called the media for public awareness and holding round tables with the presence of related experts.

Ms. Nabila Musleh Financial and Administrative Deputy, Ministry of Women Affairs talked about the importance of gender statistics and pointed out that existence of such as data is very important for design of plans and policies of the mentioned Ministry and She demonstrated to 5th goal of ( SDG) which includes gender equality that is very important to be achieved, She also appreciated CSO for its cooperation toward collecting data in this regard at all Surveys.

At the end a presentation concerning the General Indicators of 2016 presented by Sayed Ali Aqa Hashemi, Acting Head of Plan Department to the participants and their questions were replied.