Awareness Workshop on the Results of Surveys and National Accounts

Awareness Workshop on the Results of Surveys and

National Accounts

9th July 2017

Awareness Workshop on the results of surveys, National Accounts and recent activities of the Central Statistics Organization was held this morning for Provincial Statistics Officers.

 First, Engineer Shir Mohammad Jamizada, Acting President General of the Central Statistics Organization, meanwhile welcoming the participants, gave information regarding the workshop and noted that this program will further inform you about the main activities of the CSO and the results of surveys recently carried out by this Organization in some provinces or throughout the country and the surveys have been conducting.

Mr. Jamizada added that all CSO officials at the central and provincial level have responsibility, in the first step, to make themselves aware of all activities of the Organization so that they can later participate in all meetings as representative of central statistics Organization at the provincial level, briefly state to the officials of other sectors to utilize the data of CSO as a common source of information. 

It should be noted that this workshop will continue for three days, during which the results of surveys and other activities of this Organization will be made available to the participants through various presentations by the relevant authorities, submission of the relevant information and explanations and at the end certificates will also be distributed.