Press Release

Coordination Establishment meeting in relation to exchange Data between Central Statistics Organization and Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
April 8, 2015 
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Hall
A coordination establishment meeting in the field of data collection held today before noon at the conference hall of Chamber of Commerce and industry, with the participation of Acting President General of Central Statistics Organization, officials of chamber of commerce and industry and President of Afghan craftsmen and merchants union and its members.
This is the second round of such meeting among Central Statistics Organization and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in order to specify a mechanism for the better harmonization and exchange of precise and timely data. At the same time, the participants discussed and exchanged ideas concerning filling out the standard statistical forms for statistics related issues, and they discussed preparation of Economic survey implementation which is expected to be launched this year by Central Statistics Organization on country level. Both parties also agreed on basic questions that have been placed in the questionnaire for economic sector with the provision of international standards and requirements of the country. 
H.E Eng. Sher Mohammad Jamizada and officials of Chamber of Commerce and Industry talked on today’s meeting and added: precise and confident data is vital requirement of the country for design and implementation of a successful plan. Taking into account the responsibilities of CSO, in order to obtain and collect better data and to provide it on time this organization promises to attempt their best. Mr. Jamizada declared the implementation of survey as an important element particularly, the economic survey which is a vital requirement of the country for the collection and distribution of related data.
As well as, the officials from other organization stated that CSO is the only responsible organization for distribution and publication of any type of data, and they are responsible for the publication of all statistics in accordance with the provisions of statistical law. The distribution of data from other irresponsible agencies has a big difference with the data that has been collected by CSO by using different mechanisms. This contradiction has led to uncertainty and confusion among the number of organizations that are active in policy designing and plan makings. Therefore, it is required to avoid such uncertainties and confusions through appropriate channels.
At the same time, representatives from mentioned organizations who were present at the meeting appreciated the taken steps of this organization concerning the establishment of internal coordination and cooperation and as well as the implementation of surveys and collection of data which is a proper data source on country level. They promised active participation and assistances for carrying out better and successful Economic enterprises survey which will be conducting in current year by Central Statistics Organization. 
At the end, a presentation regarding the explanation of standard statistical forms and introduction of statistical publications was delivered by relevant authorities where they also responded to questions asked by the participants.