Technical Committee Meeting on National Accounts Data

Technical Committee Meeting on National Accounts Data

11th June 2017

The Technical Committee Meeting of National Accounts Data held today morning in the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) which was participated by a number of authorities and delegations from Governmental Ministries, Organizations and International Institutions.

Firstly Eng. Shir Mohammad Jamizada, Acting President General of CSO spoke about today’s meeting and pointed, we hold this session to discuss about data of 2016 especially National Accounts data, and the changes created by CSO in this system.

Afterward, Mohammad Ibrahim Naemi, Head of National Accounts Department of CSO gave information about recent developments of National Accounts System during a presentation. He mentioned, the existence of National Accounts Committee at all countries that one of the important goals of this Committee is sharing of the mentioned data with a number of key- Organizations to increase the data quality.

It is mentionable that National Accounts Committee established last year to coordinate National Accounts data by a number of Organizations for integration of data and increasing data quality.