Database, Biography & Performance Evaluation

General directorate of biography, database and performance Appraisal

Central sections:

·  Annual performance appraisal and step promotion of (362) employees and (92) service employees was done after the evaluation of managers with the approval of respected president general;

·   Human resources management information system (HRMIS) was implemented and employees’ general information recorded in the database;

·  About (29) biographies has been prepared for (29) personals;

·  Implementation of retirement of fifteen (15) personals and one (1) service employees have been processed;

·   About (468) pieces of electronic identity cards has been printed;

·   Resumes filing office has prepared and placed records in the cabinets in which all records has been placed with checklist;

·    Performance appraisal training program organized for all personals of central statistics organization, all positions from 2 to 6 has been precisely evaluated where the understood the performance evaluation;

· Monitoring and controlling process of central departments attendance has been done, as well as monthly salaries deductions of employees has been done and in order to implement their financial rights it has been sent to the department of Administrative and finance;

· Establishment of electronic attendance (computerize) in order to avoid waste of time and illegal absence of the personals;

·  Establishment of database for detailed balance of holidays of personals and

·  Establishment of standard leave form.

Provincial sections:

·  Annual performance evaluation of (86) permanent personal and (87) service employees has been done;

·    Resumes for (34) provincial employees has been prepared and registered in Human resources management information system (HRMIS);

· Retirement procedures of (3) provincial personals has been done and

· For (197) provincial personals electronic ID cards has been printed