Vision and Mission


to create a responsive and sustainable statistical system


To mange ,strengthen and standardize statistical system , to develop and expend statistical activities for the production and supply of quality data and different areas of economic and social activities .


1-      Creating integrated scientific system of Statistical data

2-      Assuring the coordination and harmonization of all statistical activities in the country .

Duties & responsibility 
Article 8 of the statistics law 2006 has authorized CSO to discharge the following duties and responsibility:
1. To collect, compile, analyze and publish statistical information relating to the commercial, industrial, financial, social, economic, environmental and general activities and condition of the people;
2. To collaborate with Ministries and administrations of the state in the collection, compilation and publication of statistical information, including statistics derived from the activities thereof;
3. To Conduct census and statistical surveys 
4. To prevent duplication in the information collected by Ministries and governmental administrations or by agencies other than the state;
5. To promote and develop integrated social and economic statistics throughout the country and to coordinate unified plans for the integration thereof;
6. To develop and prescribe appropriate classifications and standards for use by line Ministries and other administration of the state;
7. To progressively develop and maintain appropriate databases containing statistical information and to facilitate access to the database to all users, except for confidential information as provided for in this law and
8. To decide on the manner in which data for statistical purposes are collected, how they are complied and when and how reports and official statistics are published.
Beside the statistical law a working guidelines has been set up for the regulation and promotion of statistical activities, duties and authorities of this organization and national statistical and Census committee under the second vice President of the country.
Those figures and information that is obtained as a result of censuses and surveys in accordance with article 18th of statistical law is confidential with CSO and only general results are shared with policy makers, planners, and researchers for decision makers and other interested parties for their use after analysis through standard and non-standard publications.